The Cabinetmakers

Live, Dirty Jazz

The Cabinetmakers are a dirty, irreverent Jazz band in the tradition of Fats Waller, Louis Prima, and Louis Armstrong. From intimate cocktail hours to raucous dance parties, The Cabinetmakers always provide the right positive energy to either sooth or swing. Adam Ramsay (aka Sawdust Jones) on sax, Nick Colt (aka The Drawer Puller) on piano, Bernard Devlin (aka The Hammer) on drums, James Maldonado (aka The Floorboarder) on bass, and Ben Folstein (aka The Carpenter) on vocals and kazoo comprise the happy-go-lucky quintet. Playing a wide variety of tunes from the American songbook, from mellow ballads to hot dance numbers, The Cabinetmakers will please long time Jazz fans, as well as catch the ear of the kids! What is that crap they're listening to nowadays anyway?