The Cabinetmakers

Live, Dirty Jazz

We had the Cabinetmakers play our father’s 80th surprise party at Pianos and they were perfect.  Their music spans all ages and age groups.  Its danceable but not loud to where conversation can’t be had.  Its like hiring a young hip Frank Sinatra that can span all of the classic Swing and Jazz legends.   They are also far more affordable than most wedding bands.  Boom.           

                                                       - Rhonda Freedman

My wife and I knew we wanted live music at our wedding, but we did not want a wedding band. The Cabinetmakers played the dinner set, post cocktail and pre disc jock.   We were going for a postmodern hipster meets Jay Gatsby, not JayZ vibe and they nailed it. 

My wife's favorite part of the band, aside from the musicianship, was the bandleader's humor and wit.

They were kind enough to learn one of my parents favorite songs the night before the party, and on the day of the wedding I asked Ben to be the MC. He happily obliged.

Great band. Great vibe.              -Ryan Steel